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  • Spin large round bales with one hand
  • Saves you space
  • Saves you backache
  • Can pay for itself in weeks
  • Makes a great gift
  • ...and it's fun to use



The BaleMate
A Big Bale Turntable...the easiest way to unroll a large bale in a limited space.

The BaleMate - Big Bale Turntable

Regrettably, for the present our production of the Balemate is currently discontinued. If you would like a Balemate - please do get in touch and we can supply you with the spinning mechanism to attach to your own board.

Telephone Richard Cansdale on 01670 772214 or 07900 671063

The BaleMate is a flat turntable designed to help you easily rotate a full bale on its axis so you won't need to rip at the haylage when you can't get behind it. Pull the 'tail of the hay' towards you and the bale unrolls, delivering the hay to where you want it.

Tired of wrestling hay or haylage off large round bales with no space to get around the back of them? The BaleMate saves time, energy, space, mess and frustration.

+ £10.00 postage and packaging.

The BaleMate Big Bale Turntable


Additional Information:

To order your BaleMate offline or for any further information, please telephone Richard Cansdale on 01670 772214 or 07900 671063.  We developed the BaleMate as a direct response to customers who said that 'now we had solved the problem of haynet filling, could we also make it easier to take hay off large round bales'?

The BaleMate is a robust circular board which rotates on a low friction bearing. There are no wheels to catch the hay and lock a mechanism. When the BaleMate was demonstrated on the Saltire Stables' stand at the Blair Horse Trials, everyone who tried it was amazed how easily the bale could be turned. A seven year old girl and a lady of 75, both pulled it around without difficulty.

Whether you feed your hay in racks, haynets or on the ground, you will still win extra space in your hay shed by putting the BaleMate into a corner. Described as "A brilliant, space saving invention, this simple turntable is both ingenious and inexpensive."