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What Our Customers Say
Since launching the HayMate we have had some wonderful feedback

"Dear Richard and Sue, I think I love you both. HayMate arrived today. Husband put it together tonight and have just filled all my nets. Where has HayMate been all my horsey life! - its fabulous!! So easy to use, quick and so so easy on my back - I'm delighted! - Thanks so much. "

Ann and Belle x


"Hi Richard, received my HayMate on Tuesday 26th November 2013, and what a fantastic product you have made, i ordered the self assembly version, the diagrams and instructions were excellent and very easy to assemble, as for the product all i can say is WOW. i have been in horses for nearly 60 years and have 4 horses at present, and the HayMate is one of the best horse related things i have ever bought, filling haynets in minutes, no sore back anymore, no sore hands trying to get hay in a net. All i can say is that the HayMate is FANTASTIC and excellent value for money. So i would like to say a massive THANK YOU. I wish you the best of luck with selling the HayMate, as i think everyone should have one. "

...A very satisfied customer, Very kind regards, G Lowe.


My daughter bought me a HayMate for Christmas and has allowed me to have it early!! It is just as good as you say it is, good instructions for we not very clever DIYers, and makes filling haynets a pleasure!! Many thanks, and have a Happy Christmas,

... L. Jones. Happy Customer.


Hi Richard, We went up to the yard with the intention to stuff 3 or 4 nets to see how we got on. We were having so much fun stuffing nets (hard to believe) that before long we were at the point where we may as well finish the rest of the nets. Then we went looking for more nets to stuff! Last week I would say it took 3 of us around an hour to stuff half as many nets, and we stopped because we were sore and fed up.

... Regards, G Cant.


I honestly don't know how we coped filling hay nets before purchasing our Haymate, it was such a chore and invariably needed two people. Now, I will happily fill eight to ten nets whilst my wife gets on with the mucking out! The service received from Richard was second to none. After a recent horse / Haymate disagreement, he quickly dispatched a spare part to repair the damage without charge. Great piece of kit, great service. Thank you!

... L and A, Shropshire


"In 32 years of keeping horses the HayMate is the most brilliant labour saving invention. Our HayMates help prevent back pain associated with continual haynet filling. I wish I had one years ago."

Gaynor Lomas
Proprietor of BHS Approved Netherclay Livery and Training Centre, Somerset.


"Dear Richard and Sue, I have been asked to send on a big thank you from the Yard Managers, Louise and Leanne, at The South West Equine Protection rescue yard. They think your Haymate is great. With lots of mouths to feed at the yard, the Haymate makes filling their hay nets really quick and easy. They can do 40 hay nets in a very short space of time. It then gives the girls more time to work on the ponies we rescue, getting them ready for new homes. Warmest regards"

Adele Cassidy Company Secretary
contact@swep.org.uk   swep.org.uk.


"My staff fill nets in less than half the time with our HayMate, freeing them for more important jobs. In our business, Time = Money."

Susan J.
(with Chester)

"I love my HayMate. It saves me 30 minutes a day on haynets and gives me more time in the saddle."

Rachel T. (with Honey)


"Dear Richard, I have recently started suffering with my back. I was doing an internet search for a hay net filler when I came across the HayMate. I hesitated in purchasing one for a while but I watched the video on the website over and over again until I decided I'm worth it!.



"Since meeting our 'HayMate' I no longer have trouble finding staff to fill hay nets! It is so much easier and more efficient - I look forward to getting my calibrated one!"

Susan Corbett (with one of her stallions, Millkom)
Owner, Girsonfield Stud, Otterburn, Northumberland.

Surprisingly not everyone likes the HayMate. We sold a HayMate to a prestigious Equestrian Centre, delivering it in person. We were given a good bottle of wine as a 'thank you'. The owner was delighted with the HayMate. A few weeks later we heard that not all the staff who filled haynets were keen on it. We were disappointed to hear this until we learned the full story. Hay net filling had become a social occasion, a time to relax and chat. The owner had a very simple solution! - Now, just one girl fills ALL of their nets. He says staff wages are his biggest overhead, and the HayMate is saving him a fortune.   (Sorry girls!!)


"Our HayMate is great! Now my wife and daughter fill their own."

David H (with Ronnie)



"The HayMate saves your back and so much time. No stable yard should be without one. My HayMate is fantastic. I couldn't do without it now. I love it!".

Karen Robertson DO
Official Osteopath to the British Paralympic Dressage Team.


"Hi Richard, Since putting the table top next to the HayMate as you suggested my hay nets almost fill themselves. I didn't think it could be any easier than using the HayMate alone. I pile hay on the bench and just slide it into the open net. It is so ridiculously easy, I often fill every net in sight. I now find it hay net filling quite relaxing. I'm sure it won't be long before everyone has a HayMate. Thank you. "

... from someone who took our advice to place a sturdy bench next to the HayMate...


Just to say Hay Mate is brilliant!

... P. Ecroyd.


Just to let you know that it arrived safe and sound, I have put it all together, it is so lovely, so nice to have something that is made with pride and not made in china out of plastic. Works a treat as well.

... Thank You Very Much - R. Burge.


I absolutely love this device and it makes filling the hay nets almost a joy compared to the alternative. Needless to say, it's a significant time saver. Please send a few cards/brochures with the spring, I'll make sure that they get around to my clients. Perhaps I could translate them for you in French. Best wishes for 2015!  

... Richard. EQUINE SERVICE  28 rue Paul Adam  51100 Reims  France.

Hello There. I have had my HayMate for nearly 5 years and it's absolutely wonderful and only now do I need to replace the springs, can I buy 2 from you please? Regards, Karen Hudson MNAEA, Director

Hi Karen,  I will be delighted to give you a couple free. It will be my pleasure.  I should have your postal address, but if you could let me have it anyway, and a phone number, that would be great. Delighted to hear the HayMate has served you well. take care Richard

Hello Richard The new springs have been fitted safely by myself thank you and my Eco HayMate is now as good as new and just as wonderful as it was when I purchased it in 2010. My HayMate is used by young and old, from our youngest member who is all of 9 years old to  our oldest member (the yard owner being me) at 54, I have often demonstrated the HayMate to the curious coach, farrier, vet, muck man and farmer and all are genuinely amazed by the ingenuity and ability of your product.

It fills 14 nets a day 7 days a week and we could never be without it. I wish you and your company all the best for the future going forward and thank you once again for making Haynet filling a joy and not a chore. Kindest regards Karen

... Karen Hudson MNAEA, Director ...


Hello Richard, just a quick note to let you know that my Hay Mate arrived and yes my Christmas as come early it is fantastic, fantastic, fantastic! I Wish I had known about this ingenious piece of equipment years ago, once again thank you very much I cant praise the Hay Mate enough, Happy Christmas.


"Hi Richard, This is Melinda from Yorkshire here. You are a saint among men! You really are! I tried the HayMate for the first time this morning and it is absolutely brilliant. It took my husband about quarter of an hour or twenty minutes to put it together. My friend is collecting hers tomorrow. I've got your leaflets so the next time we have our local hunt meet I'll take them along and thoroughly recommend the HayMate. What a product! Speak to you later."


"I think the Haymate is excellent. Many of my clients come with horse related injuries. HayMate takes all the pain and the strain out of filling haynets."

Nick Clunies-Ross MCSP
Sports Physiotherapist, Morpeth.


"Hi Richard, We are a Riding School with 30 horse and ponies on the yard, so we fill around 90 haynets a day. When you first rang me about the HayMate, I know I laughed because I couldn't believe that unless there was a robot filling the nets,it could possibly make the job any easier. The reaction from everyone on the yard was the same as mine. How nice to be proved wrong! The Haymate has halved the time taken to fill hay nets; taken the backache out of that particular job and made this a much less tedious task. We're all converted and love it. Thank you"

Pat Dixey
Durham's Farm Riding School. Moreton in the Marsh. Gloucs.


"Hi Richard, Since putting the table top next to the HayMate as you suggested my hay nets almost fill themselves. I didn't think it could be any easier than using the HayMate alone. I pile hay on the bench and just slide it into the open net. It is so ridiculously easy, I often fill every net in sight. I now find it hay net filling quite relaxing. I'm sure it won't be long before everyone has a HayMate. Thank you. "

... from someone who took our advice to place a sturdy bench next to the HayMate...


’Hay Ma’am!’
Whilst watching ’All the Queen’s Horses’ on BBC TV, we saw Katie Jerram, who trains and competes on several of the Queen’s horses, being interviewed with several full hay nets beside her. Within days they had their HayMate and Katie and her mother Jill both love it.

You are welcome to phone me anytime to ask questions. My number is 01670 772214. A lot of our customers say they would be very happy to demonstrate their HayMates to potential new users.  Ask where you can see the nearest HayMate in action. Thank you.
Richard Cansdale Hartburn. March 2010